What to expect when attending your first Paint and Sip Painting Class

I’m sure by now you have heard all about these fun and social Paint and Sip Paint Classes being held across the United States. But what should you expect when attending one of these fun paint and wine classes? Well, don’t you worry, we are going to break it down for everyone.

Whether you are joining a Painting and Vino event with friends, on a date night, with your Beau, flying solo for some Me-time, or planning a corporate team-building event with your coworkers, paint and sip classes will help you create some of the most unique and entertaining memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Paint and sip Group shot

What should I expect at a Paint and Sip event?

Paint and sip events are painting classes instructed by professional artists set in a social environment where you have the ability to order drinks and food from the hosting venues. Locations include Sacramento paint and wine, TucsonSan DiegoOrange County, and Los Angeles.

Our classes offer a unique and relaxed introduction to creativity and art in a fun and social environment. We provide all necessary supplies for the painting class while food and beverage are available for purchase separately through the hosting venue. There is no experience required, so there’s nothing to fear if you are a novice artist. Remember, the is not so much a painting class as it is a painting experience.

Do I need to bring anything?

In short, no. You prepay via our website at paintingandvino.com. 2.5 hours of instruction are provided by one of our Master Artists. We also supply all of the necessary materials needed, including; paint brushes, canvas, acrylic paint, easels, artist ruler, aprons, and a cleaning solution that removes paint from fabrics! All you need to do is check in and prepare yourself for an amazing experience you will remember for a lifetime. (Food and Beverage are not included in the ticket price, but may be purchased through the partnering venue).

What if I am attending with a big group?

The best thing to do is register everyone under the same name or email address. This way our assistants will recognize you are all in the same group and will set aside seats for you together (depending on the size of the group; usually 5 or more). You can also email customer service and let them know beforehand to make sure we make a note on our registration list to seat your group together. support@paintingandvino.com

Is there an age limit for Paint Nights?

Out of respect for our venue partners’ liquor licenses, we post all Painting & Vino events for 21 and older. That being said, if you have a mature young adult that wants to attend one of our events and you have contacted the venue directly and they have given you permission, we have no issue with you bringing an underage participant. To reiterate, you must have the venues okay before you can bring them to one of our classes.

Is Wine included in the price? 

No. Food and beverages are not included in our ticket price but are available for purchase separately through most of our venues. If you would like to bring your own bottle of wine, check with the venue first. Some venues do not allow it at all and others will charge a corkage fee. Most of our venues host a happy hour for our guests during the painting class, which sometimes ends up being a more cost-effective alternative!

Do you need to Tip at paint and sip?

Tips are much appreciated but not expected. If you feel the artist or assistant has done a great job then feel free to express your gratitude!

What’s the secret to having a successful experience at a paint and sip?

Just remember to enjoy the journey. Our events are not set up like an art class where you would be graded. Our events are more like painting experiences where you follow the instructor’s guidance, but make your painting your own. Choose whatever colors you want and add whatever flare you see fit. It is your Masterpiece.


Hopefully, this blog answered all the questions you may have had regarding paint and sip events. If you find that they did not, you can find a lot of the answers you seek on our FAQ page, or feel free to email our support team at support@paintingandvino.com.

Remember to Stay creative and we look forward to seeing you at a painting class in the near future!