Introducing 2 new Amazing artist for the Sacramento Area Paint and Sip events!

We have two new amazing artist for your premier painting events in the Sacramento area.


Meet Margaret Houston:

Margaret has always had a passion for fine art and teaching. She loves to pass techniques on to new artists and see what they create with them. Since 2006, she has instructed art gatherings for beginners, in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Reno, & Lake Tahoe. When Painting & Vino Sacramento and she partnered she knew it was a perfect fit.


Meet Elizabeth DuBose (Lizzie):

Elizabeth DuBose is a self-taught artist from El Dorado County. Her experience with acrylic paints started as a relaxing hobby which later turned into a therapeutic form of self-expression. From a young age, art has been a way for her to channel her anxiety into something serene. In short, art has been her saving grace. Her love for painting and teaching all stages of incoming artists does not go unnoticed. If you are ready to let your paint brush do all of the talking, Elizabeth is ready to guide you into a world of pure imagination.


Join them for a fun and entertaining Paint and Sip event near you!