Paint and Sip FAQ

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding our paint and sip events.


Registration FAQs

Regular scheduled events are $45 per person (Premium events and Online/ Virtual events may have a different price depending on the type of event). You can, however, sign up for our mailing list to receive occasional deals and discounts (Go to support and the newsletter signup). The purchase price includes all your materials (canvas, paints, brushes, easel, apron, and artist ruler), as well as, 2.5 hours of step-by-step instruction from a professional artist. Food and Beverage may be purchased separately from the hosting venue.
The new event calendar is released on every 15th of the month. For example, our September calendar would be released on August 15th, our October calendar would be released September 15th, etc.
The first thing to do is check that you entered the code correctly. Make sure you entered the code exact. If you entered the code correctly and it is still not working, check the expiration. If your code is expired the promotional value will not work. If for some reason neither of these solutions resolves your issues, please email customer service with your name, promotional code, class you are looking to register for, and a brief description of what happened. All registration issues must be resolved through customer service email.
To register for a class, simply choose your location. Once at the desired location page, choose the date and painting you would like to attend by clicking on the image. You will then be directed to the event registration page where you will need to enter the required information and payment method. Shortly after you have submitted your registration, you will receive a confirmation email outlining the details for your specific event. Make sure to check your junk mail if you do not receive it right away! If you do NOT receive a confirmation email, please email customer service.
The best thing to do is register everyone under the same name or email address. Or if available, list a group name when registering. This way our assistants will recognize you are all in the same group and will set aside seats for you together (depending on the size of the group; usually 5 or more). You can also email customer service and let them know beforehand to make sure we make note on our registration list to seat your group together.
If you need to cancel or move your reservation you must notify customer service 48 hours prior to the start of your class. In your email, please be sure to include; your name, location of the event, date of scheduled event, and date you wish to move to, or indicate you would like to cancel your reservation for a refund. Please be advised you can only move each reservation up to two different times. We honor credit card refund requests for seat reservations within 3 days of the purchase date. After 3 days from purchase, all sales are final. and only a credit can be given. All cancellation issues must be resolved through email. Contact Customer Service by Clicking HERE

Events FAQs

Out of respect for our venue partners’ liquor licenses, we post all Painting & Vino events for 21 and older. That being said, if you have a mature young adult that wants to attend one of our events and you have contacted the venue directly and they have given you permission, we have no issue with you bringing an underage participant. To reiterate, you must have the venues okay before you can bring them to one of our classes.
Check-in begins 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Guests are asked to line up at the door to check-in with our assistants at this time. We suggest aiming to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the start of class in order to leave yourself ample time to find parking, which can sometimes take 10-15 minutes.
No need to bring anything. We supply all of the necessary materials needed, including; paint brushes, canvas, acrylic paint, easels, measuring tool, aprons and a cleaning solution that removes paint from fabrics! All you need to do is check-in and prepare yourself for an amazing experience you will remember for a lifetime. No outside food or beverage are permitted unless otherwise stated on the event description details (Food and Beverage (this includes wine) are not included in the ticket price, but may be purchased through the partnering venue).
No. Food and beverage are not included in our ticket price but are available for purchase separately through most of our venues. Your ticket price includes use of our supplies (canvas, brushes, paint, apron, and easel) and instruction from a professional artist. If you would like to bring your own bottle of wine, check with the venue first. Some venues do not allow it at all and others will charge a corkage fee. Most of our venues host a happy hour for our guests during the painting class, which sometimes ends up being a more cost effective alternative!
We use non-toxic acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is water-based, which means, it may wash off with warm water and soap. If it gets on fabrics, we have a cleaning solution designed to help remove the paint (as long as it is still wet), although it is suggested you wear clothing you do not mind getting paint on. Acrylic paint will stain once it fully dries. We also supply aprons for you to wear in order to help protect your clothing.
We encourage creative expression in all forms! You can paint whatever you would like. Feel free to change the colors of the painting to match your own décor or the décor of a friend you may be gifting the painting too!

Private Events FAQs

We require a minimum of 15 people at $45 per person to book a private event. If you want to host a private event with less than 15 people, we can book the event, however, you must still submit payment for 15 people. We also require a nonrefundable deposit to hold the event, which will be applied toward your final balance. The remaining balance will be collected the day of the event and will be reflected by the final headcount. We do ask that we receive credit card information for the final balance and a final headcount 48 hour prior to the event in order to prepare proper supplies.
Our staff will work with you to choose the perfect venue for your event. You can use any of the venues we are already affiliated with, which we can send you via email based on your location. We can also try to work with a venue of your choice or a private residence as long as either can accommodate our events. We will handle contact and scheduling with the venue to ensure proper availability and booking of your event.
As a host you will need to provide adequate tables and chairs for the event (we may have a limited amount of tables available for your use depending on the date). Our staff will help determine whether or not your space can accommodate our events and offer suggestions of proper space planning. Our assistants setting up the event will also be able to help configure the tables and chairs upon arrival. We will also need access to a water source to fill the water cups to wash the brushes and about an hour of time before the event for proper set up. We will be using acrylic paint for your event. Even though it is water soluble it can stain. Please make sure you inform your guest to not wear clothing they would not want to get paint on. Same goes for your home. Please make sure you host the event in a space where you are not worried about getting paint on things. Avoid hosting the event in a carpeted area or an area close to drapes or other items that may get stained if paint gets on them. Painting and Vino will not be held liable for any damage related to paint stains. Other than that, you do not need to worry about anything! We supply all of the painting materials necessary for a fun and relaxing event!
All food and beverage purchases are separate from our ticket price and are to be handled by the hosting venue. If you book an event with one of our venues we can help you get in contact with the right person to review food and beverage options. Many of our venues have several options available including buffet style dining and package selections. If you host your event at a private residence, you will be responsible for the food and beverage if desired.
Yes! You may choose from any painting in our library that has over 4000 options! It is best to choose a couple of different paintings just in case the artist is not available on the specific date requested. You may request a specific artist and we can send you a link to their individual portfolio to choose from (as long as they are available for your date). You may also request a custom painting for an additional charge if you have something specific in mind you would like to paint!

On-Demand Events FAQ

Accordion Sample DescriptionIt is super easy. Click this link to watch how easy it is to purchase an "On-Demand"event.
“On-Demand” paint and sip events provide all the same fun that our venue-hosted events offer from the comfort and safety of your home or just about anywhere with a good WIFI signal. With our “On-Demand” events you can host your own at-home Paint and Sip paint party whenever, wherever.
Once you click on the access link, you will have 72 hours of access. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO PAINT!
All supplies, as well as, the Acrylic Paint colors needed are listed in the event description.
The purchase of an “On-Demand” Paint and Sip is good for one household/device, sharing the link is not allowed. If you do we will have to deactivated your access link.
Please make sure your firewall settings for your WIFI are not set too high and block the temporary URL we send you. If you have an issue accessing the link, please contact support immediately so they may assist you. If you are planning an at-home paint and sip party, we suggest that you test the link prior just in case there may be an issue accessing the link due to security settings.