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Who We Are

We are a national company that offers 3-hour step-by-step instructed paint and sip events held in wine bars and restaurants in Sacramento, Tucson, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and more. Our classes offer a unique and relaxed introduction to creativity and art in a fun and social environment.

We provide all necessary supplies for painting while food and beverage are available for purchase separately through the venue. There is no experience required, so join us tonight and quench your thirst for creativity.


Enjoy a step-by-step instructed paint night while drinking your favorite adult beverage. No thinking required, just fun.

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Our Story

Painting & Vino® mobile paint and sip business was founded in late 2011 in San Diego, CA as a small dream, operating out of a humble garage. Painting & Vino has since, stretched, molded, and grown exponentially into the leading company of its kind in the paint and wine industry throughout the United States. Under the guidance and direction of its owner and founder, Christopher Muylle, and his beautiful wife and business partner Jessica Muylle, Painting & Vino continues to grow and prosper with the goal of spreading its vision and mission across the nation.

Painting & Vino’s paint nights are offered in various restaurants and bars across the country. They lead the pack in the paint and sip industry with numerous locations throughout the United States. Our company’s goals are to license our trademarked name to all those wishing to change their lives with this fun and exciting business opportunity. Our goal is to reach over 34 states in the next year, with Licensees in all of the major cities throughout. We are on a climb to the top and the time to join our team is now!


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Our Vision

Here at Painting & Vino our vision is to reintroduce the therapeutic qualities of creating art into everyday life through a unique and entertaining process. Our events may be enjoyed by all, regardless of artistic skill. Even if you have very little experience, we will help break down the barriers of doubt and frustration associated with the creation of art so you may unleash the artist within.

We are constantly updating and adding to our portfolio of creative event ideas. Opening doorways to creativity in a fun and social environment. Whether it is one of our Step by Step events or one of our Premium Events you are sure to create a lasting memory that will last a lifetime.