DIY Home Decor for the Fall and Halloween Season

The fall season is here! Our DIY “On-Demand” paint and sip events are such a great way to add some homemade Fall and Halloween decor to your home. Our “On-Demand” paint and sip events are a convenient way to get creative on your time. This is the best time of year because you can change up your interior design with a few choice pieces and have a whole new look for the season.

Here is one available “On-Demand” if you are looking for more of a Halloween-themed painting.

Rather than trying to go at it alone, why not purchase one of our Fall and Holiday themed “On-Demand” paint and sip events? We offer over 80+ “On-Demand” options in our catalog.

Not only is this an excellent way to create a new look for your home, but it gives you a chance to de-stress by enjoying a creative hobby and letting your day-to-day cares melt away.

After the past couple of years we’ve all had, let’s make the decision to make this holiday season the best one yet! It starts by purchasing your Fall and Halloween painting and wine event Painting and Vino today!

Here is a link to our “On-Demand” Painting and Sip events library: On-Demand Events Catalog

Here is a link to our Locations to see what in-person events are available near you: LOCATIONS PAGE

~Cheers and Happy Creating~

Jessica Muylle

Team P&V

PS. Our calendar is released on the 15th of the month prior so if you don’t see one this month be sure to check back for our next round of classes!