Poured Paint, Paint and Sip Events Are All the Rage

How to Have a Successful Acrylic Pouring Party

When it comes to Paint and Sip events, Painting & Vino is somewhat of an authority. Being one of the pioneers in mobile paint and sip with hundreds of events held throughout the United States we feel like we know quite a bit when it comes to the subject. Step-by-step painting events are extremely fun and entertaining, but if you are looking for something really different then acrylic poured paint is where it’s at.  In my opinion, there is nothing like acrylic paint pouring. Your regular acrylic painting experience is great but poured paint is the best way to really make your painting your own.

Painting & Vino has been offering tons of Poured Paint events over the years, making sure each event is unique and educational. Our instructors will make sure that each poured paint event offers a new pouring technique that can give you new results.

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Poured Paint

We typically offer a few Poured Paint events each month. To make sure you do not miss out, your best bet is to like our Facebook page or join our newsletter. Below is an example of one of the events we are offering in El Segundo.
pour painting