The Family behind the Paint and Sip brand, Painting and Vino

Meet the Muylle Family. The family behind the extremely popular Paint and Sip brand Painting & Vino, The Muylle family consists of Christopher, Jessica, and their 4 year old son, Gage. They currently reside in Cape Coral, Florida with their two English Bulldogs, Kylie and Coco, and their cat Sasha.

Jessica and Christopher’s love story begins in sunny San Diego back in the late summer of 2017 where Christopher had owned and operated Painting & Vino since 2011. Little did he know how his world was going to go through some major changes the day he met Jessica Kost.

One day while working in his office, Christopher received an email from Jessica, asking if he had easels she could borrow for a large event. Jessica owned and operated her own successful Paint and Sip business in San Diego called, Inspire SD Studio. She mainly focused on Private Events and had a really big event coming up, but did not have enough supplies to accommodate such a large event. Christopher had a second business called Discount Art Supply that supplied all of the Painting and Vino paint and Sip locations with supplies. So he had more than enough easel to lend to Jessica. But being the savvy businessman he was,  he decided he would sell her the easels to her instead.

When Jessica showed up to pick up the easels she had purchased, it only took Christopher one look and he knew there was something special about this woman. After several days he mustered up the courage to reach out to Jessica. He asked her how the event went and if she would be interested in getting together to “talk shop”. She said yes and the rest is history as they say. Jessica has been a huge asset to the Painting & Vino brand ever since.

Jessica and Christopher continue to own and license the brand from their home in Cape Coral, Florida. There, with their son Gage, they try and enjoy everything Florida has to offer. Everything from Disney World, to waterparks, and amusement parks.