What to Expect at a Paint and Sip Event

At our Painting & Vino paint and sip events, 99% of our customers are pleasantly surprised with how their creations turn out. If you are the 1% who isn’t, then you need to keep practicing! Painting is a learned skill so sometimes it takes a few times to get the hang of it. The point is to not take it too seriously and have fun with it. You may find yourself getting absorbed in the process and forgetting all about the rest of the world which is a beautiful thing!

The anticipation can be like waiting in line for a rollercoaster that you have never been on. You just aren’t sure how it will go. Some people love that feeling, others scare the daylights out of them so they never try something like attending a Paint and Sip Event. Creating something from nothing can be a little scary for some people. So I’m here to “paint the picture” for you so you know what it’s like…

When you arrive you will be greeted by an artist who has already set up the room with the supplies. They will know you are coming as long as you have registered on our website prior so you simply give them your name. They will hand you a blank canvas and advise you on where to sit. If you have a preference for sitting in front, or in the back, or have a large group I suggest arriving 15 minutes early to scope out the best place for you. Once you pick a seat you will be able to order whatever food and drinks you want, sit back and clear your mind for creative time. As far as ordering, we suggest appetizers, salads, or finger food-type items. Also with alcohol – one or two glasses will definitely take away any fears or inhibitions but more than that can lead to a painting that isn’t quite as successful as you may hope it to be. Of course, if you just come to the party with your friends and don’t really care how the painting turns out then by all means make it a painting party!

The artist will provide you with an apron, brushes, canvas, paint, and anything else art-related. I definitely suggest wearing clothing you don’t mind if paint gets on in case there is a splatter or two. Long sleeves tend to be the biggest culprit so avoid sleeves if possible.

After they introduce themselves and talk about the supplies as well as the painting they will be teaching, it will be time to start getting paint on the canvas. The artist will always start with the background, using the largest brush. This is actually a very good thing b/c it usually means long brush strokes and simply putting paint on the blank canvas so it acts as a great warm-up for those creative muscles. You can chat, nibble and sip on your drink during this process without thinking too much about it so it’s very relaxing. If you run out of paint as you go, don’t be shy, the artist has more and will come around upon request to refill or answer any questions.

The further you get into the event, the more detailed the instructions will become. Be sure to ask questions if you aren’t familiar with what to do next. Also, feel free to be playful with it. If you feel like doing it differently than what the artist suggests then by all means go with your gut! We encourage creative expression so you can always change the painting to how you want it to be. The artist will bring all colors so you can always ask for different colors to make your painting truly unique.

Each step of the way, the artist will tell you as well as demonstrate on their own canvas in the front of the room. They will never paint on your canvas unless you want them to. Sometimes a brushstroke takes a bit of practice so if you aren’t sure you can always practice on the table covering or request an extra paper plate.

Cheers and happy creating
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V