Paint and Sip Events with Painting & Vino Sacramento. Come see what people are saying.

Paint and sip events with Painting & Vino Sacramento. People always ask, can a beginner really do well at it? The answer is an unequivocal, YES! When we say, “No experience necessary!” We mean it.

But don’t take my word for it. Look at what people are saying about Painting & Vino Sacramento in their 5 Star reviews!


Meena P.

7/25/22 – Crystal Vibez

There once was a colorful soul, who remained calm and swooshed colors over thousands of canvases, creating beautiful masterpieces of art and remained calm expressing, “We don’t mistakes, just happy little mistakes”…..

And let me tell you, I channeled my inner Bob Ross after 5 years and I am sooo impressed with MYSELF!!!

ART has always been my WORST subject period! I hated it throughout my school years, and I failed miserably in it in High School. As I got older, there comes Paint Night! Where you sip wine n paint. My first time in 2017, I didn’t even drink my wine as to I was too concentrated on my painting! And that one was a masterpiece too.

And tonight, was my time to SHINE AGAIN!

I needed some “MEENA TIME” and while searching for Sacramento events, up came “Painting and Vino”. Now, there is NO WINE at the event despite the name and they make that clear before booking. So please read before buying your ticket! But you’re more than welcome to bring your own Vino and snacks!!

Tonight, Painting n Vino was held at, “Crystal Vibez” in Sacramento and hosted by the Sweet Wonderful Kathy!! She was the most, nicest, kindest art instructor and she has so much patience! She showed us to paint a sunset overlooking an island. And she went step by step with what brushes, strokes, color blending and all to do! And a few hours later my masterpiece was born! And I made some new friends while painting away!

You must sign up for a class, it’s so much fun! And you meet all kinds of fun people, and the best part is seeing everyone’s masterpieces at the end! Each painting represents everyone’s uniqueness!

I will be back Kathy!!


Mary E.

2/28/21 – Cool River Pizza Roseville

Classes with Kathy are always so fun! Even if you’ve never painted before, it’s something that everyone can follow along! Always a good night out, and you come back home with something new to hang up around the house.


Fran A.

10/30/19 – Cool River Pizza Roseville

We had a great time painting flowers. All 4 of us had different colors and styles. It was amazing at how we each interpreted painting our masterpiece. And pizza wasn’t bad either.


Liz D.

10/13/19 – Sacramento Natural Food Co-Op.

I attended Paint and Vino last Friday with my friend. We both had so much fun. Kathy was awesome showing everyone step by step with the painting. What’s great is seeing everyone’s personality come out in the painting. It was at Sacramento Natural Foods. They offered cheese, fruit and nut plate along with a glass of wine. $5.00 additional glass of wine. It was a fun event. I will be attending another paint event next week. Looking forward to it.


So whether you are an expert already or have never picked up an artist brush in your lifetime, Painting & Vino’s paint and sip events are the perfect activity for everyone looking for a fun, social, entertaining activity. Check out our public events in and around Sacramento, CA at

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