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Jessica Zimmer

61 events held

About Artist ...

Jessica Zimmer has been focused on art since her upbringing in the Bay area of California and South-Eastern New England. Zimmer was fortunate enough to live in a household that supported her drive to create. Her grandmother had been a part of the free-love art culture of the 60's and was always pushing Zimmer to be creative in her everyday life, while her mother filled her early childhood with plenty of arts and crafts to stimulate Zimmer's need to make art as often as possible. She had always been focused on two-dimensional art such as drawing. Eventually, she decided that landscape painting was her passion as early as ten years old. 
At age 17 she later sought out a degree in Classical Oil Painting at Rhode Island College, finishing as young as 21 years old. While attending school, she was able to easily access the fine art museums of the Manhattan and Chelsea art scene and study the Masters and famous art collections up-close and personally. Some of the artists that inspired her artistic career were Carravaggio, Ralph Stedman, Van Gogh, Cabanel, Rodin, and Stephen Gammel.
As a post-graduate, Zimmer took her mother's lead and spent six years in childcare mediating crafts and teaching children how to draw intricate landscapes and add their own personal touches to their art. Desiring a career where art could be her main focus, Painting and Vino became a great opportunity to finally spread her knowledge and love of fine art in a relaxing and entertaining environment.


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