Start Your Own Paint & Sip Business

Have you been to a few paint & sip classes and thought, “I could so do this as a business!”

Starting a business is not an easy task. You have to get a website made, logo designed, write a business plan, obtain the correct business license, and the million other things on your business start-up checklist. It can be incredibly overwhelming and most quit before they get through the list.

I know because I went through the process myself. Before joining forces with Painting & Vino I started my own paint and sip business from scratch. It was a local art studio called Inspire San Diego. The start-up process took me years of dreaming, thinking, planning…etc…until I finally found someone who could help me make it a reality. Starting a business was the hardest thing I have ever done, well besides being a mom, but just like creating a baby it can be an incredibly rewarding process – IF you can work smarter not harder.

I wish I had known about licensing a brand or I would have done that from the get-go. At the time I started Inspire SD I only knew about franchising and my small budget didn’t make a high-cost buy-in possible. So for those who are thinking about starting your own Paint and Sip, I highly suggest checking out our licensee program.

What is a licensee program? Basically, it’s like franchising an established brand BUT you don’t have the high cost of buy-in fees. All you have to spend to get started with us is buying supplies and some marketing materials. If you ever wanted to instruct paint night classes, this is definitely the way to go.

instructor and student

We have already done all the groundwork so you simply buy your supplies, plan out your classes, and start marketing your business. There is no buy-in like a franchise. The most important part is the support we offer so you are not alone in the process of starting from scratch and feeling the stress. As a licensee the plan is made, the logo designed, the website rocking and we give you all the training/support you need to be a successful painting instructor.

To apply and get more info visit ARTIST OPPORTUNITY

Also before you take the journey of business ownership, you can also check an interesting article on starting a business and what is an LLC. CLICK HERE FOR THE LLC ARTICLE.

~Jessica Kost
Team P&V

*Licensee opportunities are not offered in all states