Buying a Paint and Sip Experience

Buying a seat at a paint and sip event is what business people term – purchasing an experience versus a product. Yes, you do get a product as you get to take home a painting that you create but let’s face it – it’s more about the experience than the product! 

Reason’s to spend your money on an experience:

  1. Memories are valuable. Living your best life means having lots of fun adventures and memories. Our social painting parties do just that – they build lasting memories that will hopefully imprint a positive experience you will forever enjoy. 
  2. Builds Character. Knowing a little about a lot of things makes you a more interesting person. People want to talk to you when you know things such as how to create art. 
  3. Healthy Brain. Painting is extremely good for brain function. Acrylic painting on canvas as an activity is also a meditation that is excellent for any level of development. From children to the elderly to keep active and healthy. 
  4. Connections. Going to one of these events not only strengthens the connections between you and the people you are with but you get a chance to connect to new people through the artist and the other attendees. Feeling connected is a very human experience and makes people really feel good. 

Spending money on experiences over stuff is gaining popularity as it just makes you feel good to go do something fun rather than buy the latest designer fashion trend. Here is a great article about it!

Are you ready to book your next experience? See what’s available below or book a private party for just you and your friends! 


To get more info about private parties fill out the PRIVATE EVENT FORM so we can get a feel for your needs. If a public gathering is more your speed check out our VIRTUAL CALENDAR and our IN-PERSON CALENDAR of events.

As always, stay colorful!

Jessica Muylle
Team P&V