Artist Spotlight: Lori Love P&V LV Instructor

(Lori Love is second from left)

Meet our Las Vegas paint and sip instructor: Lori Love

What thrills you about teaching art?  
So many people start by saying their painting will be the worst, or that they have no talent or that they will suck.  The biggest thrill is to watch someone get so excited at how good their picture actually came out!  

Who is your favorite artist?  
I have so many...Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Maxfield Parish, Diego Riveria,  all the early California landscape artists, many of the modern contemporary artists...too many to list!

How do you get inspired to paint? 
I have to have the dishes done and everything around me in order.  I can't focus on my painting if I feel like I have some other responsibility that needs to be done.  A glass of wine helps! I have an extensive library of art books, so sometimes I look at books.  Sometimes I scour the internet for inspiration.  The desert has the most wonderful sunsets!  Sometimes, I just look at the sky and the clouds...I love sunsets!

How did you learn to paint?
I was the kind of kid that signed up for summer school due to boredom. I took an acrylic painting class for summer school when I was 12. That was the start!

Do you have any upcoming art shows you want to tell us about?  
I am using some of my 'time off' to experiment with techniques, and other types of class projects, such as geodes, embellished art, and to paint some new, unique images.

See all her upcoming paint and sip events held throughout Las Vegas...well as soon as our partner restaurants re-open that is. CLICK HERE for a schedule.

Happy Creating
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V