Artist Spotlight: Damian Samuel San Francisco Instructor

Get to know our San Francisco Paint and Sip instructor: Damian Samuel

What thrills you about teaching art? 
What I dig about teaching, is watching people open up and connect with themselves or communicate in a way that most are experiencing for the first time. You can tell when the defenses come down and people suddenly light up like little kids on the playground, It's real and I know I have done something positive. Albert Einstein once said Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought, and I figure we all can be down for a little productive thought.

Who is your favorite artist? 
Favorite artist... I'll give you a few, My to die for guy is the great Northern California painter and a staple of the california school Wayne Thiebaud if you kids ever want to know how to handle White this guy is the Master, in his 90's he is still around and does talks. The older Bay Area figurative crew with folks like Diebenkorn and Park are a big influence. I'm a sucker for Byzantine and Illuminated manuscripts and anything French from the Belle Epoch,  Impressionists and the Fauves up untill WW2. Across the Channel I was blown away by Bad Boy Bacon, Hockney and my Aunt Berylle Maile. I prefer Lee Krasner to her husband Pollack. I grew up around the time and relish the immediacy of Haring, Basquiat on into Banksy. 2000AD, Judge Dread, Alan Moore and Peter Bagge kept me laughing. and lately Robert Proch (rip), Bisa Butler, Ron English, David Cerny are just over the top. Got to give a shout out to Reid Flemming World's toughest Milkman too!!!

How do you get inspired to paint? 
I take Inspiration from all the daily things around me wether they be tough situations or great success. I like to experience new things and then  try and get a handle on what it is all about... travel and a little erotic and exotic never hurt me either.

How did you learn to paint? 
By making a mess.

Do you have any upcoming art shows you want to tell us about? 
Yes I got a new show coming up called "The State of Play" here in San Francisco, I have just pushed it back a little with all thats going on in the news right now so anyone reading this thats interested please check my website for the soon to be announced new date and time (probably end of May)... there will be Bands and DJ's and some free what have you got to lose....see you there!

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