Painting for the fun of it

We like to think of Paint and Sip classes as the new alternative to sports watching at a bar. Not that we don't love sports, but painting seems to open up a whole new way for people to socialize in a public setting. Going out to eat is fun but why not have a little more social time enjoying food and drinks with your friends while you create something you can take home and keep longer than your leftovers.

Our events are meant to be lighthearted and fun. Painting in itself is a learned skill but if you let go of the need to be perfect and simply allow yourself to let the paint flow onto the canvas you will be surprised with how much fun you can have. Soon you’ll forget all about work, all about the kids, or what appointments you have tomorrow. You’ll be fully in the moment, laughing at yourself in a good way, enjoying delicious food and sipping on your favorite drink. We like to call this Art Entertainment for this very reason.

So come enjoy, relax, and create with us!

PS. Bring a friend or two to catch up while you turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece and sip on your favorite wine or other drink of choice.

*photo taken at paint night in Sacramento