Award Winner and Master Artist: Yanna Fabian

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Yanna FabianShe is a Master Artist with Painting & Vino and she currently teaches classes in the Los Angeles area. Keep reading to learn more about Yanna Fabian and be sure to check out her upcoming class with Painting & Vino!🎨🎨🎨Q. "What inspires you to create art?"

A. "Everything inspires me. Life, people, nature, thoughts, relationships. I see art in everything."

Q. "What is the best thing about being an art instructor?"

A. "The best thing? It's really hard to name just one. I love seeing people bloom. Some new clients are pretty shy about the empty canvas at the beginning of the class. It's wonderful to see them gain confidence and truly enjoy the artistic process. When they at the end walk out of the class proud about their artwork, that's the best feeling ever."

Q. "What advice would you give to someone pursuing art as a hobby or career?"

A. "Never give up. In art the learning process never ends, so don't be intimated when you're starting. Enjoy the ride. Take it step by step and have fun."

Q. "What fun fact do you want people to know about you?"

A. "Not sure if that's a fun fact but I am a multi award winning singer and a known European musical theater actress. A fact that might be more fun is that I had and have so much respect for fine arts that I re-read one book about oil painting techniques for 5 years before I dared to touch the canvas."

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