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Discover Our Classes:

At Painting & Vino, you will enjoy a three-hour instructed painting class hosted in local wine bars and restaurants near you! All of your supplies (canvas, paint, brushes, and aprons) are provided for you. Plus, no experience is necessary! Our instructors will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of recreating the painting of the evening while keeping you entertained and educated with fun facts in regards to the painting being taught. This will be an unforgettable experience you will literally get to take home with you and hang on your wall! 

Painting & Vino is perfect for: date nights, a night out with friends, girl’s night out, or just something different and unique. Painting & Vino is also perfect for private events, such as: corporate team building, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, or a singles mingle. Simply click the location tab above to find us near you, and you will be directed to the registration calendar. Sign up for a class today!

Painting & Vino, Come Experience the Creativity!


Join Our Team as a Licensee:

As a Licensee for Painting & Vino, you will discover how rewarding it feels to connect with local customers and guide them from total doubt to absolute amazement. By licensing with Painting & Vino, you are receiving the opportunity to operate under the integrity of our name as well as complete guidelines and training to running your own successful Painting & Vino business. As an already well established and fully operating company, Painting & Vino can provide you with many priceless resources to run a successful painting and wine business. Simply click the opportunities tab above to learn how you may apply to become a Painting & Vino Licensee today!

Host Our Events at Your Venue:

Painting & Vino is a wonderful opportunity for restaurants, bars, hotels, and other entertainment venues. We offer three-hour, step by step instructed painting classes in which customers are encouraged to eat, drink, and socialize. By partnering with us you will enjoy the benefit of 30-60 additional paying customers to supplement your sales on slower nights of the week. And the best part is there is no cost to you. Not only do you benefit from the additional sales, but also the marketing opportunities; including a venue page on our website, tags through our social media, and of course the benefit of massive exposure by bringing thousands of new people to your venue throughout the year. We also supply marketing supplies upon request if you would like to promote our events to your regular customers. Simply click the opportunities tab above to learn how you may apply to become a Painting & Vino Venue today!


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