Pour Painting – Lesson 3



This is an”On-Demand” Paint and Sip of a live online event, instructed by Master Artist, Katherine Breault. This is the third lesson for learning poured paint. In this lesson, she will teach you two different types of swipe pour with a bonus string pour at the end.

Colors used for this painting: Your choice – black base suggested with at least 3 other colors. Either purchase pour paint already mixed or you must mix 1/3 paint, 1/3 floterol, and 1/3 distilled water. If you aren’t sure what supplies to get see our Poured Paint kit available for sale.

Special Instructions

Once you purchase an “On-Demand” Paint and Sip, we will send you a link within 1-2 hours. Please allow 10 hours for International orders. Once you click on the access link, you will have 72 hours of access.

Materials are not included with a purchase of an “On-Demand” Paint and Sip event but may be purchased by going to the At-home Kits section of this website.

We suggest you purchase the following supplies for our basic step-by-step events:

  1. Acrylic Paint (colors needed are listed in the event description)
  2. suggested artist brushes (1 inch flat, 1/2 inch flat, 1/4 inch flat, and a small round brush)
  3. Canvas
  4. Paper plate for the paint palette, Water cup
  5. Table covering
  6. Paper towels.

Other items you may want to acquire but are not necessary: an easel, apron, a hair dryer (help dry paint), and additional lighting.

The purchase of an “On-Demand” Paint and Sip is good for one household/device, sharing the link is not allowed.

Refund Policy

Once an “On-Demand” Paint and Sip access link has been sent, you can no longer receive a refund.