Painting & Vino, is a great way to get together!

Painting & Vino events are social gatherings where participants create art while enjoying a beverage, often wine. These events have gained popularity as a fun and relaxing way to explore one’s creative side, socialize with friends, and unwind. Here’s how they generally work:

Venue and Setup: Painting & Vino events are typically hosted at restaurants or bars. Participants are provided with all the necessary art supplies, including canvases, paint, brushes, and aprons.

Guided Instruction: A professional artist or instructor leads the event. They guide participants step by step through the process of creating a particular painting. The instructor demonstrates each part of the painting and provides tips on techniques and color mixing.

Beverages: Participants are often encouraged to purchase food and drinks at one of our amazing venues, to enjoy during the event.

Socializing: These events offer a social and relaxed atmosphere. Participants can chat, enjoy their drinks, and share their progress with others while working on their paintings.

No Experience Needed: Painting & Vino events are designed for people of all skill levels, including beginners with no prior painting experience. The guided instruction helps everyone create a version of the chosen painting.

Creativity and Personalization: While the instructor provides guidance, participants can also add their personal touches to their paintings. This allows for a degree of individual creativity within the structured event.

Finished Masterpiece: By the end of the event, participants will have completed their interpretation of the chosen painting. They get to take their artwork home as a souvenir.