Licensee Application

Help us share the therapeutic qualities of art creation and everyday life through a unique and entertaining process enjoyed by all, regardless of artistic skill!You have just been given an amazing opportunity to extend your gift as an artist to the public under the quality and integrity of Painting & Vino’s brand.

We are looking for individuals with artistic talent, a passion to entertain, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a ‘go-getter’ attitude.

If you think running your own paint and sip business is a dream job, then Painting & Vino is perfect for you.


How long have you been working with acrylics?(Required)
Do you have any teaching experience?(Required)
Are you currently employed?(Required)
How much discretionary time is available for you to dedicate to your business?(Required)
Do you have reliable transportation with cargo space?(Required)
How long have you lived in the area you reside in?(Required)
How would you rate your ties within your community?(Required)
Although there is no buy-in to getting started as a Painting & Vino licensee, you will need to be able to purchase your startup supplies as well as support yourself financially through an initial start-up and growth phase. Understanding that, do you feel you are you in a financial position to start a new business at this time?(Required)
How did you hear about this opportunity?(Required)