I am not good at art so why take up the arts? Is it even possible to be an Artist?

I am NOT good at ART! Is even possible to be an Artist?


When you were young, people probably praised your artwork. Those compliments more than likely gave you the enthusiasm to continue creating more and more art in your childhood. Then it occurred to you, that maybe you were not! You joined art classes with your peers and maybe even a contest or two. To only find failure on the other end. You started to compare yourself to those who seemed to have a NATURAL knack for the arts. Maybe even struggled with confidence. You possibly excepted you are Not an Artist?!? I am NOT good at Art


So the question is if you were a good artist? Naturally slipped away and you accepted the fact that it wasn’t your forte. However, I am here to tell you that you are an ARTIST. You are talented. You have abilities that no other possesses. Wait!!! Don’t roll your eyes just yet and dismiss what I am saying!
Hear me out…


Instead of burying your head in the sand, I want you to do a little self-challenge. Many of your famous artists of the centuries had the same outlook as you at one time or another. Research a few of them. Even your peers who look seemingly flawless have self-doubt about what they are creating and possibly throw a few away in hatred of their own creations. Come to except you may not be the best or never will be. This may seem trivial or counterproductive to what I am about to tell you. However, to really come into your own abilities and talent (that is right talent) you will need to strive for improvement AND accept failure at many junctions.


I suggest, taking an interest in tutorials, visiting a class, and even attempting a hundred more pieces before you realize you are in fact an ARTIST! Determination can fuel you more than anything, that goes for anything in life really.


Ever heard the saying “the eye of the beholder“, well it is a natural ego state of our own self to be critical of ourselves and our worth. Just as you put the paintbrush down or walk away again… Someone just might have an “eye” for your art! I have found throughout the years that my paintings are of interest and truly give more people than a picture with imperfections but in fact, give people feelings. Those feelings could be love, memories, fulfillment, and enjoyment. Your art gives others value and inner emotions that I can’t even describe.


For example, visiting a foreign place or seeing a catastrophe live or in a photograph. It gives you a feeling, of what type is up to the viewer. How are you to know what that feeling really is? You yourself have your own feelings and mind of interpretation. Let the work interpret your art! share it with the world. Become the artist you are inside and bring it to the outside. Try if you will…


You can make art because everyone has a unique way of looking at things. And when you express yourself, that becomes your art. Everyone is an artist in their own way. But remember to have FUN!


Visit a museum, visit an art gallery, or attend a Painting with Vino Class and see other Artists do the unthinkable. Be ARTIST!