How To Host Your Own Paint and Sip Party at Home in 5 Easy Steps

Are you wanting to host a Paint and Sip party but do not have the budget for a large group? Or maybe Painting & Vino does not currently offer events where you are located. No worries because Painting & Vino’s “On-Demand”  events are an affordable alternative to our “In-Person” hosted events. You provide all the necessary supplies and we provide the step-by-step instruction for a low fee of $20.  The best part is, NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to host a paint and sip event.


Step 1: Find a Location to Host Your Paint and Sip Party 

paint and sip events provide all the same fun that our venue-hosted events offer from the comfort and safety of your home or just about anywhere with a good WIFI signal. With our “On-Demand” events you can host your own at-home Paint and Sip paint party whenever, wherever. Use your own supplies or purchase them from our online shop. It’s that easy!

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Step 2: Choose the Perfect Painting for You and Your Paint Party Guests 

on-demand catalog

With over 100 “On-Demand” choices you can easily find what painting best suits your paint party needs. We have an easy-to-use filtering system that will help you find what you are looking for FAST!


Step 3: Gather Your Paint Party Materials For You and Your Guests 

2 person paint kit 9 colors

You can’t have a Paint Night with your friends and family if you do not have the correct supplies. Below is a list of suggested supplies to acquire for your paint party.

  1. Acrylic Paint – if you are a more advanced painter, you can start with primary colors, like; white, black, red, blue, and yellow. But if you are not as versed in mixing colors you may want to get a few secondary colors as well, like; purple, orange, green, and brown.
  2. Canvas – you can use canvas board or gallery-wrapped canvas. We suggest either 11×14 if you do not want something too big or 16×20, which is what we use at most of our “In-Person” paint and sip events.
  3. Brushes – You will want a 1/2 inch flat, 1/4 inch flat, and a small round for acrylic painting for sure. You may also want a one-inch spreader brush, a one-inch flat, and an angle brush.
  4. Paint Palette – This could be a piece of cardboard, a paper or styrofoam plate, a regular plate, or just about anything you can hold and put paint on.

Some option things you may want to acquire are:

  1. Apron – if you do not have an artist apron we suggest wearing clothing you are not afraid to get paint on. Acrylic paint will not come out of your clothing once it has dried.
  2. Easel – You can purchase a tabletop or stand-up easel. Whatever your preference. You can find most of these items at your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.
  3. Table Covering – if you have disposable table clothes that would be ideal. Or you can use old new paper, or very large plastic trash bags to cover your table.


Step 4: Let Your Guests Know When and Where you are hosting your Paint Night

save the date

You could use E-vites or send out RSVP postcards. Either way, make sure you know exactly how many people will be attending just so you can be fully prepared when it comes to available space and supplies.


Step 5: The Last and Most Important Step is to HAVE FUN!

Red Sunset event

The best part of attending a paint and sip party is the fun socializing you get to do. Hanging out with friends has never been better while sipping on some yummy drinks and eating some tasty treats. Not to mention you actually get to take home your very own work of art that you created. Not too shabby if we do say so ourselves.


And remember, if we are in your area, we have plenty of “In-Person” events to choose from as well. Paint and Sip Calendar