How can I Plan the Perfect Sip and Painting Party?

The Perfect Sip & Painting Party

How to plan the Perfect Sip and Painting Party. You will learn that not everyone that joins a Painting and Vino class has experience or thinks they are any good at painting. The act of painting is more fun and engaging than sitting next to people watching a film. It is also far less competitive… depending who you have join you than fantasy football or trivia night.

Enjoying the company of others, whether it is family, friends, colleagues, etc you can rest assure everyone will enjoy delicious food and drinks amongst one another.

Don’t know where to have a painting class at? No worries. Painting and Vino works with many nearby venues and can assist on finding the venue for you and your group. This way you can put little to no effort into preparing and leave the hard stuff to us! Picking the date should be the hardest thing you have to do.

Our Painting parties are easy to enjoy, makes for good conversation and you might just pick up some painting skills! We provide the Easels, Paint, and Canvases with a Artist lead class to get you through the easy to follow steps.


Why a Wine & Painting Party

Connecting with others in person is a positive boost to your emotional well-being. It also gives you a chance to bond, reconnect, or build synergy with co-workers.  Re-creating a picture will give your group a place to to feel good and focus on your artwork, nothing expresses your feelings more than you with a paint brush, so have fun.

We have found in most events, by the end if not all, some are surprised at how well their paintings turned out. What a great booth for your self-confidence.

Think you are too old or young, not your thing? Did you know painting has shown to improve not only your emotional health but motor skills as well. So push away your phones, keyboards, etc and grab a paint brush with us! Another fun tidbit is your concentration and possibly overall distractive personality also will improve as well research suggest. Matter a fact, it has been proven that many enter a state of creative flow when engaged in painting and some have even experienced forgetting the temperature of their surroundings. Interesting for sure, isn’t it?

Give yourself plenty of timely booking your party as early as possible in advance with our artists –Don’t forget to give your guests enough time to RSVP.  We suggest at least 2 weeks in advance or as early as a month in advance to ensure an artist is available. A month in advance may seem too much, but everyone get busy and booked up. Getting final headcount in advance will also be important for your artist and overall planning of supplies and space needed as well as time for set up. painting (runs 2 hours to 3 hours depending on difficulty), and take down. Your guest will also need breaks and time to refill their drinks and nibble on some food. So plan for 4 hours minimum.

If you are having it in your home, you can alway suggest to your guest a potluck and to BYOB or favorite bottle of wine. People like to help! Whatever you do, don’t overthink it. You will also need to consider a place for your guest to paint and sip at. Though our artist come with all that you need to paint, we do not provide the tables and chairs for your guest.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can ask about one of our partner venues as a location for your party. We may be able to suggest the perfect place. Our venues are places normally with food and alcohol, if not at least alcohol for your sipping pleasure.


Choosing the theme of your Painting Party

Choosing a theme helps narrate the evening. Our artist have a portfolio of pre-created designs along with holiday themed painting for you to choose from or you can request a custom one as well.

So if you are planning a party in the upcoming months, fall themes or halloween focused paintings might be perfect for your party.

Be sure to ask your artist the level of difficulty, especially to not over complicate the event designed to be relaxing and fun.


We look forward to hosting your event!