5 Reasons You Should Try New Things and Why!

Five Reasons You Should Try New Things and Why!

Why is trying something new can change our lives and give us happiness…

  • When you try something new, such as painting, your brain and body are being challenged. Our brain inactivity or unused abilities are now stimulated. It causes an instant boost reaction to our neurotransmitters, results in us feeling good.
  • Trying something new changes our perspective and allows us to see things in a different light. Sometimes observing something we would of missed before or possibly chose to ignore. This allows us to see new and exciting possibilities.
  • Trying to paint, even if it is scary and intimidating, helps us step out of our comfort zone. Therefore causing new feelings that enlighten and help us recognize other opportunities and potential.
  • Trying something new can also break the daily monotony. In result causing stimulation of our intellectual being as well as our emotional and physical self.
  • Finally, trying new things causes a chain reaction where you will be braver to experience other new things with endless possibilities.


So why is “Painting” a good one to try? 

Painting tends to both take you out of your norm. Unlike many new things you experience, this is a self journey. The act of painting is also known for it ability to help with emotional wellness, brain power, memory and much more.

Another benefit to painting is it requires little to no experience to get started. Some find it rejuvenating and spiritual. Others find a passion that they didn’t know they even had by trying this new thing.

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