Live Online Event Location (NCSD)

Painting & Vino's "Live Online Events"

Looking to have that same fun, creative experience you get at a Painting & Vino event while in the comfort of your own home? Painting & Vino's "Live Online Events" are the perfect solution. Receive Step-By-Step instructor from one of our Master Instructors all while enjoying all the comforts of your home. Our "Live Online Events" allow you to follow the instructor's guidance while interacting with other participants via online chat. With our "Live Online Events", you will need to purchase your own supplies. 

Here's what we suggest you'll need:

Canvas - Choose any size (Instructors will be using 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas)
Brushes - We suggest having at least; 1 large flat brush, 1 medium flat, and 1 small round brush
Paint - You'll want to use acrylic paint. We suggest you have at least the primary colors (white, black, red, blue, yellow), but you can use violet, orange, green, and brown in addition if you'd like
Water Cup - For cleaning your brushes
Paper Towel or Cleaning Rag - This will be used to clean any spills or drips
Palette - You can use a paper plate, or a wood or plastic artist palette.
Apron - We suggest you wear an apron or at least clothing you do not mind getting stained with paint.

Suggested Retail Venders for Supplies:, or

Optional Supplies:

Easel - To hold your canvas.
WebCam - So we all can interact and see your progress.
Beverage - Water, Soda, or WINE (I mean this is still Painting & Vino)


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