Top reasons to have a Painting Party

Adding a creative element to any special occasion means you will for sure have an interesting event that people will talk about for along time!

Here at Painting & Vino we love planning painting parties. We have a portfolio of over 2000 paintings you can choose from, it’s exclusive just for your group, you pick the date/time and the location for your event. We do everything mobile so we can come to your home, office or venue of choice. If you want to keep to the comfort of your own home or have guests in multiple cities across the world, we can even do virtual parties. So unleash your creative spirit for your next birthday, corporate team building, bachelorette, baby shower or family event!

10 Reasons to have a painting party:

  1. It involves all your guests so even if they are more on the shy side they can still participate.
  2. Great for all ages! From young to old, painting on canvas is very stimulating and a healthy activity.
  3. Create lasting memories – people get to take home their own piece of art to always remember the special day.
  4. Learn a new hobby – painting is an excellent hobby to have or it may inspire you to deep dive into the world of art!
  5. Easy to book. We make the process super simple. Once you book you just tell us the date/time/location and what painting you want. Then invite your friends. We will do the set up, clean up and host the event so you can enjoy your company.
  6. Celebrate ANY occasion…our events are great for birthdays, team building outings, fundraising for a special cause, social group outing, and more!
  7. Let your creativity out. Feel a sense of pride for completing your very own work of art, not only that but do it with your closest friends so you all get to share the beautiful and rewarding experience together. Channel your inner Bob Ross!
  8. Fun, fun, fun! Painting parties are meant to be a fun activity. Forget about getting the painting perfect, just simply get the paint on the canvas in any way that feels good to you.
  9. Lots of options…if you have already tried canvas painting a few times check out our other projects such as wine glasses, pet portraits, abstract paint pouring and more! We can come up with a custom project too if you have something in mind.
  10. Brighten the world! Making art, hanging art, and enjoying art helps brighten all of our mindsets. It builds positive reinforcement and truly makes the world a better place.

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In-person events are available in these cities:
South Padre Island, Texas
Eastern Connecticut
Tucson, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
San Diego, CA
Orange County, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sacramento, CA
San Francisco, CA

Virtual events are available anywhere in the world!

Cheers and let’s create together!
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V