Paint n Sip … But, I Don’t Paint!

“Paint n Sip … But, I Don’t Paint!”

paint n sip, but why?

4 Reasons Why You Should Give It a Try

I guess, if you are adamant about this then you can scroll on by this post. But if you paused for just a second…haha, got you… maybe, just maybe, there is a little creative bug inside of you that would love to pick up a paintbrush just once and give paint n sip a try.

Why would you want to try a painting party anyway? OK, yes. I opened a can of worms with this one because I can give you a plethora of reasons why everyone should try their hand at sip and paint classes, or at least something artistic, at least once or twice in their adult lives. But I will spare you the novel and limit it to a few of the best reasons to pick up a paintbrush once in a while.

#1 Reason: It’s just plain THERAPEUTIC! That’s all there is to it. Why do you doodle while you are supposed to be intently listening to the customer on the phone? Because it is relaxing, that’s why. You steal moments of relaxation throughout the day, sometimes without even knowing it, by doodling, daydreaming, and with some, even intense focus on one thing can be relaxing. Those are unintentional and happen because of your stress level, things on your mind, and brain overload. The brain says, “I’ve had enough for a minute and need to go over here and zone out for a bit.”

Being deliberate with your relaxation is good for you. Actually making time for relaxation is a must for balance in your life. Your body, mind, and spirit always thank you for it by feeling and functioning at their best.

#2 Reason: It’s CHALLENGING BUT REWARDING! Challenge is a part of the growth in everything. Growth can be painful in some areas, but this is not one of them. Challenging yourself to pick up a paintbrush, or a do-anything artistic for the first time builds character, gives you confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. The reward is all of those good chemicals that your brain spits out to make you feel good. And, 9 out of 10 people find that they did better than what they thought they would and admit to having fun at it! Go figure (Not saying…I told you so!).

#3 Reason: Creative date idea. Going to a paint and sip event with a creative partner may not be your cup of tea, but it surely will impress LOVE in your partner’s heart every time! Talk about filling up the loving cup! (Points, Baby! Points!)

#4 Reason: It’s just plain FUN! Everybody is painting, everybody is enjoying food and beverages, and everyone has the opportunity to mingle and meet new friends. We all have painting and wine in common, if only for that one night. It’s still FUN! Watching others’ paintings come to life, the colors they use, how they do it…the conversation is already there! And we play good music too.

#5 Reason:  Try a new restaurant or wine bar while experiencing something fun and entertaining. Paint n Sips are a great way to experience a new place in a fun and social atmosphere. We only partner with the best venues here at Painting & Vino. So you can expect not only a fun paint night but also great food and beverages.

Paint and Wine is also a great time for a group of friends or ladies’ night out once a month. How about Mother and daughter monthly get-togethers, date nights, birthday parties, corporate events, I could go on.