Welcome to Painting & Vino®, where the classic combination of art and wine has transformed into an amazing, creative, social experience. Here at Painting & Vino you can enjoy the artistic process of recreating a beautiful painting all while sipping on a glass of wine with your friends. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best social painting experience out there, priding ourselves on top quality paintings, professional artists, and outstanding customer service and support. Take a look inside and find out just how wonderful this experience can be!



As a Licensee for Painting & Vino, you will discover how rewarding it feels to connect with local customers and guide them from total doubt to absolute amazement. By licensing with Painting & Vino, you are receiving the opportunity to operate under the integrity of our name as well as complete guidelines and training to running your own successful Painting & Vino business.

As an already well established and fully operating company, Painting & Vino can provide you with many priceless resources to run a successful painting and wine business.

  • Power of a large community: By joining our team, you now have access to the resources of multiple different artists and employees, including extensive painting portfolios, expert advice, customer service, extensive standard operating procedures and manuals, and much more.
  • Low cost of supplies: Since Painting & Vino has strong relationships with our vendors and orders in bulk quantities, we receive discounted pricing tiers that we extend to our Licensees
  • The best venues: Painting & Vino prides itself on offering only the best venues for this type of business. We supply you with detailed information on what types of venues to look for, how to book the venue and important procedures to set in place.
  • Advanced website capabilities: Painting & Vino has already done the work for you here. You will have access to website features including our interactive calendar system, venue pages, your own Instructor Bio, gift certificate purchase, and other general information features such as FAQs and private events.
  • Customer service team: Painting & Vino is here to help with any questions you may have along the way. Our customer service team is made up of highly trained individuals that offer the best customer service possible to ensure great reviews and repeat customers.
  • Advanced marketing: Painting & Vino gives your access to marketing through its website, social media outlets, email marketing lists, print flyers, business cards, and much more. This helps ensure that your classes are always “sold out”. Not only do we aggressively promote the Painting & Vino brand, but we also act as a marketing platform for our Licensees and our venues.
  • Affordable Startup: Painting & Vino helps you secure your start-up supplies at an affordable rate that is outlined in the additional information packet that you will receive once you apply.


At Painting & Vino, we believe there are several necessary steps to take to ensure a successful start-up of your business.

01 Step

Application process: To apply to become a Painting & Vino Licensee, you will need to first fill out the application form on our website.

02 Step

Licensee Agreement: Once you are approved as a Licensee, you will need to review and sign the License Agreement. We know these types of documents are rich with technical dialogue, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns during this time.

03 Step

Training manuals: Once you have signed your License Agreement, we will administer your training manuals. These manuals will include information on your start-up kit supplies, future supply orders, venues, and the booking process, marketing materials and tips, and the Licensee Manual which will include guidance in all aspects of running a successful painting and wine business including administrative duties, operations, reports, and ordering.

04 Step

Booking venues: The first step toward creating your calendar of events will be to search for and book venues for your classes. We will supply a detailed manual explaining what to look for in a venue and successful sales approaches to secure the right venues for your classes. In addition to giving your access to our automated venue outreach system.

05 Step

Creating paintings: We will also supply detailed information regarding our target demographic and what types of paintings sell out in our market. You will want to build a strong portfolio base for your first classes and continuously add to this portfolio as you go. The more paintings you have, the more classes you can offer. You will also have access to our Master Portfolio of well over 1,000 paintings.

06 Step

Preparing for upcoming classes and the future: Now that you have your dates and your paintings, you will want to strategically schedule your paintings on your calendar found on the Painting & Vino website.

07 Step

Marketing: Once you post your calendar, Painting & Vino will teach you how to aggressively market your classes on social media, and email marketing. Although Painting & Vino assists with a large portion of the marketing, you as a Licensee will be responsible for localized marketing, such as; promoting your classes.

08 Step

First Class: Before you dive into your first class, we ask that you create a lesson plan for your first painting outlining the steps and the timing for each step as you would instruct them to a class. As part of your training, you will present your painting, introductory speech, and lesson plan to staff members of Painting & Vino. And the rest is history! Once you have a few classes under your belt, they will begin to come second nature to you.

As your business thrives, you will continue to stock your inventory, build your portfolio, and add venues to your location. The opportunities are endless, and with the right ambition, this can be an extremely profitable venture for a self-motivated and hard-working individual!



A License Agreement allows you to operate your own business under our name and trademark. You are confidentially given access to our standard operating procedures and business practices in order to help guide you in running a successful business. As a Licensee to Painting & Vino, you will receive guidance and training along the way in order to maintain our quality and standards as you run your business. You are given the freedom to run your own business, but we are always here if you need us!

There are no upfront costs to you with our License Agreement. All associated supply costs and potential earnings will be outlined once you apply online via our form on our website.

It is preferred that you have artistic talent, but if you plan to hire your own artists, it is not necessary.

Unlike many paint and sip businesses; Painting & Vino offers you all of the benefits of running your own business, without the upfront costs! Many paint and sip industries require expensive franchise costs including buy-ins and studio opening costs. At Painting & Vino, there are no upfront costs and no studio costs. We partner with local restaurants and bars completely eliminating the overhead involved with renting or owning a studio space, which means, more money in your pocket!

Many customers enjoy the diversity of new restaurant locations, and scattered restaurant locations also expand your reach. Not only do you benefit from no upfront costs and a larger reach, but we supply you with intensive training manuals and videos that completely prepare you not only on an artistic level, but on a business level as well. Our training manuals cover everything from start to finish with expert advice involving operations, management, quality, expansion, and growth.

Once you apply on our website, we will be in contact with you regarding your application. If we think you will be a good fit, we will schedule a phone interview to answer any additional questions you may have and get to know you better. So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!

Are you ready to take the next step? We are looking for candidates ready to make a change in their lives. You will need to be a self-starter, have a passion for teaching and entertaining a crowd, and be artistically talented. Running your own business is a lot of work, but at Painting & Vino we will be behind you the entire way.