Painting and Vino Premium Events

A Premium Experience for our most exclusive Guests.

Premium classes go beyond the typical step-by-step painting events. They are done on several different mediums rather than the traditional 16x20 canvas and require both additional preparation and materials to execute. Our instructors provide techniques, artistic tips, more one-on-one attention, and customization. The best part of these classes is you create unique art, while in an encouraging environment with guidance by a professional Artist. These classes truly honor self-expression and all attendees will leave with a great gift or piece of art for their home.

  •  Painting on Glassware

    Create usable art you can enjoy for any special occasion, as a gift, or theme it for a holiday. Glass is a forgiving medium in that you can scratch off the paint if you make a mistake. We bring a design book with various designs to choose from or you can design your own. Our artists will demonstrate the techniques and then help you with one-on-one attention for your custom glass of art!

    ~Cheers to creative fun~

  •  Wood Signs 

    Add a touch of shabby chic design to your home with our vintage wood signs. You can pick the quote or catchy saying, we'll assist you with transferring it to the wood board, then you will paint the sign in colors you choose. Some can be customized, such as; our Monogram designs. Great for gifts or to hang some uplifting art pieces in your home that you made by hand. This is a unique way to create some home decor while expressing your creative side.

  •  Mixed Media 

    Go beyond the typical acrylic paint class and make custom works of art with a 3-D flair. Add layers with various tools and mediums to create depth and interesting texture. Your artwork will literally pop right off the canvas. 

  •  Pop Selfie

    Inspired by Andy Warhol's renditions of Marilyn Monroe and other famous celebrities, we've taken the same idea to celebrate you! Send us your best selfie and pick one out of several color themes offered. We'll show you how to turn it into pop art. Join the class multiple times to create a full set of pop art for your home decor - it will create quite the statement piece in any home! You can even do a different person, your pet, or just about anything and create a pop art family mural. 

  •  Pet Portraits

    Our fur babies are important members of the family. What better way to honor them and their unconditional love than by creating Pet Portrait of them. Join one of our Pet Portrait events and paint your pet - not literally though!

    Upload a picture when you register and we'll show you the steps to paint your pet masterpiece. You can paint it in a portrait style or have fun and go more Pop Art with bright colors of your choosing. An instructor will show all the steps to complete your work of art, then give everyone one-on-one support to offer tips for your specific pet. 

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