Meet Sacramento’s newest Artist, Melisa Fazlic!

We are excited to announce a new artist with the Painting & Vino NorCal family!

Melisa Fazlic

Melisa Fazlic was born in Bosnia in 1991 and has grown up in California since the age of four. Although tragedy struck in her home country as a baby, Melisa grew up a happy child in America. At the age of two, she drew her first stick figure that she replicated from her mother’s example. Her vibrant paintings depict the positive view Melisa still holds of the world despite everything. As a child, she drew countless pictures and cards for her family and friends. In middle school and high school, she took every art class possible and all her art teachers recognized her natural artistic talent. She won many art contests and awards throughout her high school years. In college, she studied Recreation Therapy and utilizes art as a coping mechanism for her patients on a daily basis. She regularly teaches painting, drawing, and arts and crafts. In her free time, she loves to create paintings to express herself and share her gifts with her loved ones. Now, Melisa has embarked on a new journey to teach people in her community how to paint vibrant views of the world.


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