Darrin Fuller

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Darrin grew up believing he was destined for a life in the military.  He was told as a small boy that he was going to be an Art major.  The only Majors that the little fellow was familiar with were in the military!  Darrin loved drawing and painting as a young man, and began oil painting at age 12.  He was soon selling his paintings at local art & craft shows and bazaars.  He continued to refine his skills with brush & paint in college where he chose to major also in Business Administration.  He wanted to pursue the "business" of art in addition to the creative element.

Upon graduation with a B.A. in both Art and Business from Taylor University, Darrin chose to continue his art education at Art Center College of Design where he graduated with honors receiving a B.F.A. in Illustration.  During his final term of art school Darrin was recruited by Sierra On-Line to create art for video games.  Darrin continued in the video game industry for many years, working for Sony Interactive Studios on the Playstation launch team, along with jobs at 989 Studios, Red Zone Interactive, Left Behind Games, Armageddon Interactive, and many other top notch developers. 

Darrin left video game development to pursue his first love of painting.  Join Darrin as he shares his passion for painting at an event with Painting & Vino.  Enjoy a tasty beverage as Darrin helps you to unlock the creative self that longs to be free!   


Other Events

"Cabin in the Snow" - Hilton Gaslamp

Venue   : Hilton (Gaslamp)
Map   : 401 K StreetSan Diego, CA

"Wine at the Beach" - Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa - La Jolla CA

Venue   : Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa
Map   : 9700 N. Torrey Pines RoadLa Jolla ,