Kristina Ponomarenko

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I was born and raised in Moscow, the biggest city in Europe, where the world’s cultural legacy, spacecrafts and modern art and mixed in an amazing way. I have always felt strive to understand how art articulately speaks to our minds and had a need to express my own personality. I started my journey as a back-up artist in a Russian Ballet-show “TODES” and after getting my Master’s degree of mathematics at Moscow State University continued my career as a professional dance artist. Later on I moved to USA and unbridled my other passion – travelling. Exposure to the European art of Renaissance and architecture of people of the South America inspired me. I was stunned by the ability to create something so remarkable and at the same time inevitably delighted by the boundless masterpiece of nature. I was inspired and driven to combine the art of humanity, the beauty of nature, and build it in harmony on canvas.

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