Top Four Reasons to Host a Paint and Sip Event at Your Restaurant


If you are a restaurant looking for activities to offer your regulars on slow nights so you can increase revenue then having monthly or bi-monthly paint and sip events is just what you are looking for! You keep revenue on all food and beverage sales, we keep registration fees, together we promote the events to ensure a great group of fun painters will arrive at your restaurant each time.

Reason 1: New Exposure to Clientele
Once you get them in the door - you can do your best to turn them into repeat business. I suggest offering a small special at our painting events such as half-off the first glass of wine. Also, give them a $5 off coupon or free app card when they leave for their next visit gets them to come back with friends. Educating your staff is important too. They need to be sure to be present during the events and going through the group frequently to get them to re-order to up the check average as well as talking to your regulars about upcoming events. 

Reason 2: We Book During Your Slow Nights and/or Weekends
This means we are bringing in paying customers when you don't normally have them which means more revenue for you. I have found the sweet spot to book is twice a month at each venue - usually, every other week is ideal. 

Reason 3: Trickle Effect
If they come to our paint and sip event held at your restaurant and have a great time, they are very likely to give you a positive review, tell their friends, and come back at other times to dine with more people. Offering painting lessons for adults gives you a chance to showcase all the great things about your business!

Reason 4: Gives Your Regulars a Reason to Come Back
Promoting our events to your customers is important as it helps fill seats and most importantly gives your customers a reason to come back and spend money with you instead of their other favorite place to hang out. 

If you are interested in booking events we currently offer paint and sip events in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Tuscon, and Connecticut. To start the process please fill out our Venue Application by CLICKING HERE. 

PS. We do follow CDC guidelines for Covid on all In-person events by requiring face masks, sanitizing all equipment, and spacing out guests appropriatly. 

~Cheers and Happy Creating~
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V