Best Wines To Pair At Paint 'n Sip Parties

The holiday season is here! What better way to celebrate together than with a painting party! Even during the Covid pandemic, we can still celebrate together - although virtually. Painting and Vino offers both in-person and online painting parties. Both are held up to safety standards so you can ensure your guests have a wonderful and safe time.


Of course, the painting is the focal point but having something to drink while you paint is a must! We are called the “paint and sip” industry for a reason. Although we don’t encourage heavy drinking, otherwise your painting may not turn out, having a few always get those creative juices flowing. 

If you want to plan an afternoon event on the weekend “Mimosas and Masterpieces” is a fun event theme. Everyone loves a little bubbly on the weekends - it definitely makes people giggle!

Evening events are perfect for more robust wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or a buttery Chardonnay.


Beach scene paintings definitely call for more light refreshments, we suggest Sauvignon Blanc or a Rose. 

Holiday painting classes call for drinks that are festive. We suggest a sparkling wine such as a sparkling rose or champagne. A red blend is always great too b/c they tend to have more of a jam forward taste that goes with sweet holiday paintings such as snowmen and Santas.

Whatever you decide to serve at your private paint and sip party - I’m sure people will love it and good times will be had! To get more info about booking contact us at for a FREE Quote. Just let us know if it’s going to be virtual or in-person, your location, event date, and expected headcount. You can also fill out our EVENT FORM with all this info. 

~Cheers and Happy Creating~ 
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V