Top 10 Reasons Paint & Sip Classes Are so Fun

1. Better than watching sports at a bar. Not that we don't love sports BUT painting classes gives you a chance to actually make something while you hang out with friends.

2. Channel your inner Bob Ross. Painting “happy little trees” ALWAYS makes you feel, well, happy!

3. Generally keeps you from over-indulging. Drinking and eating during a painting class is great but luckily you will be so engrossed painting you most likely won't drink an entire bottle of wine, or two, which is just so easy to do sometimes.

4. Chat it up with friends who you haven’t seen in awhile - work friends, high school friends, college friends, neighbors….there are so many friends you can bring to these that the fun will never end. Even better - celebrate your special occasion with a painting party. This is a perfect activity for birthdays and team building.

5. Laugh at yourself - painting is a learned skill and take professionals years of study to expertise. So take these classes with a grain of salt - they are meant to be fun, lighthearted and creative. Doing creative activities, whether they end up masterpieces or not, are just plain good for you.

6. Meet new people. At Painting & Vino we like to set the room up in rows so you may end up sitting next to someone you’ve never met before. Take this as an opportunity to make a new friend - then you can bring them to a class later to chat it up - see #4.

7. De-stress. Painting is a very focused activity. You’ll find that while you’re painting you forget about paying the bills, getting that workload done, or going to the next doctor visit. Time not thinking about your day-to-day problems is a great way to let some of it go. You’ll find at the end of a class you feel lighter, more connected with yourself and elated from the energy of the class.

8. Make something you can be proud of. Why buy something when you can make it. It feels so much better to hang a piece of art in your home that you actually made. There is a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. Give yourself a big pat on the back!

9. Live a well-rounded life. We so easily get set in our ways doing the mundane activities called life. Pushing yourself to try a little something different or outside of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person and gives you life experience that you can share with others.

10. Eating, drinking and doing creative activities with friends and loved ones is just plain fun. It sounds so great, how can you have a bad time?!