Artist Spotlight: Samantha Walker P&V OH Instructor

What thrills you about teaching art? 
My favorite part about teaching is witnessing a person's realization that they CAN paint. 
There's always this wave of emotion that I see in my classes where first-time painters begin very optimistic, and then get sad somewhere in the middle when they feel the painting isn't going how they expected. In the end, people often come to the realization that their work is actually pretty good, or not bad! And the ones who still aren't sure... well they learned something about themselves that will help them make better art next time. Either way, people leave with this realization that art is achievable for everyone. I love that. 

Who is your favorite artist?
 I don't really have one anymore. In college, I studied the work of Jenny Saville a lot. But she doesn't move me the same anymore. I don't know.

How do you get inspired to paint? 
Current events. Magic. My kids. 

How did you learn to paint? 
I doodle A LOT as a kid. I painted a lot throughout high school and honed my craft at the Fashion Institute of Technology under the guidance of some awesome professors.

Do you have any upcoming art shows you want to tell us about? 
No upcoming art shows at the moment, with COVID it has been rough, but I currently have a published comic in a contest on Check it out, likes and comments are appreciated and will help me win! :) 


Check out one of Samantha's Painting & Kiddos online courses! Art classes for kids are a fun way to keep them busy AND creative during these stay-at-home days.