What to Buy for Painting & Vino Home Edition

Getting your Paint and Sip supplies does not need to take a lot of effort. To make it nice and easy we went ahead and researched a few options for you. 

You want to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to gather your supplies. If you do not want to leave your home, you can always purchase your supplies online.

Amazon: ARTIST KIT (Note: 21-Piece Acrylic Painting Table Easel Set with, 12-Tubes Acrylic Painting Colors, 11"x14" Stretched Canvas, 6 Artist Brushes, Plastic Palette with 10 Wells)

Ebay: ACRYLIC PAINT SET - This is actually our very own supplies used for our in-person events. There are three package options, canvas size is 11x14. 

BLICK: Here is a supply list 
Note: There are two paint set options. We suggest the one with more colors but you can get either and mix colors as needed.)

MICHAEL'S: Some stores offer curbside but not all items will be in stock. Here are the item numbers for you to order online: 

Paint - Satin Acrylic Paint Value Set By Craft Smart®  Item: 10581573
Canvas - 5 Pack 16" X 20" Super Value Canvas, By Artist's Loft® Item: 10131611
Brushes - Necessities™ Gold Synthetic Acrylic Brushes By Artist's Loft™  Item: 10552922

WALMART: They offer in-store purchases for all supplies you would need. (Some Walmarts do offer curbside service. Please check at Walmart.com to see which ones qualify)

Paint - acrylic paint. Wal-Mart has two very affordable options. You can get the basics - red, yellow, blue, black and white OR you can expand your inventory by getting the rainbow plus black/white/brown. 
Canvas - it can be any size, stretched or board, they even make canvas paper. 

Brushes - Wal-Mart also sells brush sets for $4.47. You need one large flat, one medium flat and a small round brush. 

Other items that you can find around your house or purchase:

Easel - if you like having your painting angled up feel free to buy an easel. You can also paint flat on a table.

Cup - plastic cup or disposable solo cup. 

Palette - Paper plate, an old plate, wax paper, a piece of cardboard, or plastic lid. 

Apron - if you have an apron great! If not just wear clothes you don’t mind getting paint on a painting can be a messy activity. 

Dropcloth - As I said above, painting can be messy. Be sure to put either paper, plastic, trash bags or a drop cloth around your painting area to avoid any spillage. 

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Stay Creative!
Jessica Muylle
Team P&V