Now offering Painting & Kiddos Live Online Events!

With all the schools closed, your kids are probably wandering around the house talking about their utter boredom. So why not try one of our KIDS ONLY painting lessons?! You do need to provide the materials but most kids have art supplies available around the house. If not a quick trip to Wal-mart or Michaels curbside pickup will get you all you need!

We recommend 11x14 canvas or even 8x10. The instructor will guide them step-by-step to create their own masterpiece AND keep them occupied for a blessed hour. 

Art activities for children is a great way to engage their mind, have fun, and develop their sense of creativity. 

Our Painting & Kiddo’s online art classes are only $10 per household. This means, even if you have multiple children, you only pay $10. At least as long as they are one computer screen. Our painting classes online for children are best for ages 6+.

Check out our offerings by CLICKING HERE.


~Happy Creating~
Jessica Muylle

Team P&V