5 Ways to be Creative When Stuck at Home During a Pandemic

Being quarantined at home sounds like a great way to get some “me” time after being constantly on the go but after a few days, you may be feeling the walls closing in on you. After the house gets thoroughly cleaned and your DVR/Netflix shows are all caught up you may be asking, what to do next?


Here are 5 ideas to help you keep yourself active

  1. Save your toilet paper rolls for impressive craft projects! Since everyone has seemingly stocked up on this item you should have plenty at home.

    1. Here’s a great link for ideas: CRAFT PAPER ROLL PROJECT IDEAS  

      PS. For those who love wine - save your corks as they make for fun crafts too!

  2. Finally, get around to learning how to paint. We even created an e-book for you that's FREE. LEARN TO PAINT IN ONE DAY

  3. Redesign your wardrobe - it’s a great time to go through it and clear out the old clothes as well as create new outfits with what you already have. 

  4. Redesign your home decor - move at least one piece of furniture in each room. Buy a few new accessories online to brighten the place up!

  5. Paint! Of course here at Painting & Vino we love creating new art for your walls. Try out one of our live online events...

    Stay creative, and healthy, my Painting friends!

    Jessica Muylle

    Team P&V