Artist Spotlight: Susie Romain P&V SD Instructor


What thrills you about teaching art? 

Making people happy. I would say that at least 50% of all my attendees have never painted. And all of those are skeptical whether they can do this, encouraged to come by a friend or spouse. I tell them not to worry, we go step-by-step, color by color and they kind of relax lol! Then voila! So much fun to see these excited and pleased faces as they hold up their paintings for the infamous class group photo! If I can inspire just one in every class to pursue this new found talent, I’ve done my job. 

Who is your favorite artist? 

I have always had a love for Impressionist art. The colors, texture and use of light are amazing. My favorite artist in the French Impressionist movement is Claude Monet. I was fortunate to visit his home in Giverny, France and it will be one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had! And going to the Musee de’ Orsay in Paris which houses the largest collection of Impressionist and post-Impressionist masterpieces in the world. To say the least...I was in awe!

Now for local current artist. I am so drawn to watercolor and specifically the California Watercolor style. I had the absolute joy of taking classes for 2 years with Jim Millard, an award winning artist associated with the San Diego Watercolor Society. He is amazing and I learned so much from him. 

How do you get inspired to paint? 

My biggest inspiration is to wander through art galleries. I can just feel the vibes and it makes me want to go home and paint! But sometimes, the question is what?! That is the challenge. Most of my paintings that I produce come from photographs, when I find a great one I want to reproduce in paint or a photo I’ve taken myself. 

How did you learn to paint? 

I have been painting and drawing since I was small. Art classes in High School of course, yet most of what I have done was self-taught. I took Fine Arts in college but ended up pursuing a graphic design degree. Went back to Fine Arts in 2004, started taking watercolor classes from a plein air instructor for over a year. Since then I’ve enjoyed taking studio watercolor lessons from two additional instructors and have been painting ever since. 

Do you have any upcoming art shows you want to tell us about?

I am not currently showing, but plan on it in 2020. My focus has been on building my portfolio for Painting & Vino, but now it’s time to get back into my own personal style. My Watercolors have placed 1st and 3rd at the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas. You can view some of my previous work on my Facebook page/Susierart. 


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