Artist Spotlight: Meet Melany P&V LA Instructor


What is your favorite way to be creative?
My favorite way to be creative is when I'm coming up with ideas for a painting. I'll spend time with myself brainstorming while I go for a run. Other times I go the the internet's rabbit hole. After accumulating a list of thoughts, the drawing begins.

 What is your favorite thing to do when your NOT painting?
My favorite thing to do when I'm not painting is sleeping. Resting, dreaming, regenerating.

Who is your favorite artist? 
I don't have a favorite artist. There are so many amazing people that produce good work. One of which I look at a lot is Joram Roukes.

Why do you like instructing paint and sip events?
I enjoy connecting with people and delivering the idea as it being relaxing and fun. There's something about helping with confidence that is nice as well.

Meet Melany in person at one of her upcoming class. CLICK HERE to see her schedule