The need to express yourself...even if you are homeless!

I am proud to be a volunteer with the Nevada Homeless Alliance. They produce Pop-Up Projects around the valley to provide services for the homeless from hot showers, haircuts, and clothing to health care, legal aid, and community resources.  


This year, Painting and Vino-Las Vegas will have a painting area where the homeless can express themselves with acrylics on canvas paper, and release their creative spirit. Our goal is to screen for truly talented people, who for whatever reason find themselves homeless.  We will work with the selected people to give them an outlet to create one or two larger pieces.  Depending on the quality of the artwork and the number of pieces, Nevada Homeless Alliance will either sell them at a fundraiser or hopefully, have a casino sponsor an art show featuring the pieces.

Our goal is to give the money raised to the artist.  This will be the first time we will be attempting this concept, which has been tried around the world with success.  I will post an update after the event at the end of November. 

Lori Dvir
Team P&V
Las Vegas