Owner Spotlight - Our Love Story

Many people think this company is managed by a big corporate office with lots of layers of employees in a big office building, but in reality, we are a husband/wife team, working from our home on a little island in South Texas. From there we are raising our 15-month-old son in a house with three English Bulldogs and two cats.  I’m sure you can imagine how busy we are having a full house and a business to run. 

So you may ask, how did a husband/wife end up managing a Paint and Sip business? Believe it or not, we actually met as competitors. Here is our love story…

A few years ago, we were both living in San Diego where we ran our own paint and sip businesses. Mine was called Inspire San Diego. It was a local outfit that started in 2013. I mostly held private painting parties and was doing relatively well with it. In fact, I had booked a 150 person event for Verizon. This was my biggest private event ever! I was super excited but quickly realized the logistics were a little over my head. I didn’t have anywhere near enough supplies! Knowing this was probably a once in a blue moon size event I decided to reach out to my local competitors to see if they were into “Cooperative Competition” by approaching them about borrowing or possibly renting their equipment for this event. 

Luckily Chris was cooperative as he was the only company that even responded to me. He said I could buy some of his easels at a discount. He told me to come to his office to get the supplies. Before our meeting, we started a pretty easy email conversation about our businesses so I felt an immediate connection but definitely didn’t plan on developing a long term relationship with him. In fact, I was months from moving myself to Las Vegas and starting a fitness studio, giving up on my art business.

That fateful day I met him, we both sorted through easels while chit-chatting about our businesses. It was so strange how it almost felt like we already knew each other. Somehow, I knew this guy was going to be in my life from then on. I never would have guessed just how big of a part he would play in my life. I remember thinking, dang this guy seems to have it together with this Paint and Sip business thing. I wish I had a company as big and successful as his. I never would have realized I would soon be running the business with him. 

Our conversations quickly transformed from email to text. They became more focused on getting to know each other as people rather than discussing our businesses. He then invited me to meet him for happy-hour to “talk shop”. I met him and another artist he worked with. What was supposed to be a quick meetup for a drink turned into hanging out for a few hours.

Within a few short months, I absorbed my business into Painting & Vino and before we knew it we were and engaged with a baby on the way. Funny how sometimes when you meet the right person you just know it’s meant to be. I almost felt like this was the universe’s way of saying that my purpose is to help people be creative. I was ready to go a different direction and the universe stepped in to keep me on track. 

I have to say buying those easels was the best choice I ever made. lol. The funny thing is that he ended up with those same easels when we became business partners...lol...what a deal for him! He got the girl and his easels. 

Jessica currently instructs events in South Padre Island. Feel free to join her in a class and say hi! UPCOMING EVENTS


~Cheers and happy creating~

Team P&V