• So how many artists struggle with trying to create the perfect painting and spend hours just to start all over again? This artist definitely struggles sometimes as I suspect others do too! I was reminded recently by a friend to stop trying so hard and enjoy the process. We have to stop getting ourselves in a rut and expecting perfection. Most of my paint nights with friends I come away with the experience and thats what stays in my memory and heart and thats what I want most out of life and also what I need the most! Creative types of people will always need to create and will always be our own worst critics! In the end though its not that perfect painting that enriches our lives its the time we spent giggling, laughing and telling stories and dont forget the support we give eachother while we are painting that is what matters! I love when at the end of a paint party and everyone finally gets to see all the finished paintings and I start to hear the compliments flying! 
  • I hope I was able to spark a little fire in you to get out there and have fun and dont get hung up on trying to create the perfect painting! 
  • Its the process of creation you love!!