Premium event feature - Wine Glass Painting Classes

Did you know we offer more than just step-by-step canvas painting classes? We also offer an array of other fun projects that we categorize as premium events.

One such event is Wine Glass Painting

What to expect in a class?

In our wine glass painting classes you can create usable custom art. Painting on glassware gives you one-of-a-kind party ware that is perfect for gifts, holiday parties or just to even an enjoy a glass of wine after work.

Most of our class offerings allow you to pick what type of glassware you want to paint on such as beer steins, coffee mugs, wine glasses and more. For each class you paint a pair of glasses so you go home with a set of glassware.

What makes it premium?

Painting on glass actually takes special paint, smaller brushes and various other materials that are outside of a regular painting class. Not only that but you get to choose your image, unlike our other classes where everyone paints the same thing.

Our artists come ready with a book of designs and some stencils. If you're intimidated by the idea of painting your own design don’t fret b/c the artist will lead the group through one design option after they give a tutorial on glass painting. Even if you don’t see an image in the artist’s book you can pick something completely custom and they will help you plan out your design.

Another cool feature of painting on glass is if you don’t like it you can simply wipe it off and start over. You can’t do that on canvas!

Interested in taking a premium class? Check your local calendar. If you don't see a wine glass class scheduled contact us and we'll get a class booked in your area ASAP. Wine glass events are also available for private parties.

~Jessica Kost

Team P&V