Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

                                                                                  Building Office Camaraderie Through the Power of Paint


When the going gets tough, the tough get PAINTING! That's right you read that correctly! What's better than fostering morale in your office, company, school, business, etc. than bringing your team together for a paint party with Painting & Vino! Rally your troops together, load them into a caravan and locate your nearest painting party, or EVEN BETTER contact a P&V team member to find out about a private event paint party!

Here are some fun facts about employers that provide engaging activities with their employees, this raised their overall productivity of their workplace 43%! They likewise also have 41% less absenteeism and a 10% increase in customer ratings, and a 21% more profitable business! Like the saying should go.... "Happy employee, happy business"!!

So... bosses, managers, owners, bring in your hard workers! YES, this includes YOU! Bond over a great time, excellent camaraderie, a beautiful keepsake painting, a few adult beverages (which will make for GREAT office stories later), and walk away with a renewed and grounded team!



Team P&V