6 Reasons to have a paint party

We all work hard, so it’s important to take the time to celebrate and enjoy some play time

  1. Art can be very playful. If you let go and enjoy the activity as if you were a kid again, you will be amazed how joyful and elevated you will feel at the end of the process. Painting Parties honor your inner child and lift your spirits!

  2. They make great Team Building for co-workers so they can have some time outside of the work space to get to know each other and communicate.  

  3. Our painting events are perfect for Birthday Parties, giving people an activity to do, as well as, giving them something to take home to remember your special day forever. Painting also gives people a comfortable platform to be together if your hosting a party with people who may not know each other all that well.

  4. Not-so-naughty bride-to-be. Do you know someone getting married and you want to do an activity that doesn’t include sweaty half naked dancers? Or at least get the party started before he arrives? We can create custom paintings for bachelorette parties that are as tame or as wild as you want to be!

  5. Your child LOVES art and LOVES cartoons. We do kids parties too! Tell us what fun character or cartoon your child loves and we will create a custom painting to match your child’s birthday party theme. Painting & Kiddos events are for children ages 6+.

  6. Because you rock! For those who love to party plan show off your creative skills by booking a painting party. You can add fun details such as custom made horderves, wine tasting and goodie bags to the event to make it extra special and wow all your guests.

    Artfully yours,


    Team P&V