Why Painting & Vino?

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~Colorful Insights from Team P&V~

Why the name Painting & Vino? There are a few reasons but mostly the name is inspired by the coming together for the love of painting and wine. The two seem to go hand-in-hand in a beautiful relationship. Having a glass or two of wine while you paint tends to lower inhibitions which is perfect for those who have beginner painting nerves. Of course we never encourage anyone to drink alcohol unless they want to and are of age to do so.

Pro Tip - keep the wine to one or two glasses because we want to only slightly lower those inhibitions. More than that and those inhibitions fly out the window which also causes the artist to get careless. So good rule of thumb to enjoy this experience is keep it to moderation.

Another reason, and unknown to those new to our painting classes, is Painting & Vino is a witty attempt at our industry namesake: Paint & Sip. The Paint & Sip industry started showing up across America in about 2010. It quickly grew to be a fun and social experience, popular in all states.  

One of our most common questions is do we include wine with our events since we’re called Painting & Vino. The answer is actually no, not that we don’t want to but there’s those touchy things called Liquor Laws that get in the way. In short serving any alcohol by us at our events would mean a very expensive liquor license. We prefer to let our venue partners take care of that since it’s their specialty. This is the reason we host paint & sip events local bars and restaurants.

Artfully yours,

Jessica Kost
Part of Team P&V