New Year - New You! Build Your Creative Confidence

This time of year we all reflect on what we’ve achieved and start thinking about the possibilities to come. It’s an exciting time of year filled with hope and determination. We say ride the wave of motivation and take charge doing those things that will make you be a better human being.

Of course without question one of those ways is to expand your list of talents and hobbies. Have you ever considered painting as a talent you have? Most don’t but why not? Being a well rounded person with creative confidence will most definitely add to your repertoire of abilities you can be proud of.

So where to start? You want to learn how to paint but the idea of going to Michaels or Aaron Brothers and figuring out the long list of supplies you need seems super overwhelming and will most likely shoot down your New Year’s goal before you even begin.

We say, try one of our paint & sip classes first. This not only shows you the type of supplies you will want to invest in but it also gives you a chance to see if you even want to be the next Picasso. Painting & Vino provides everything you need to make a painting with only a small fee of $45 which is A LOT more affordable then if you bought all the supplies you need and took a stab at it by yourself.

Whatever you decide we wish you the best for the year ahead and you succeed in all your goals and ambitions.

Happy New Year!