Importance of Giggles

Being able to laugh at yourself and others, in a positive way, is one of the many benefits of experiencing our classes. We spend so much time taking everything so seriously and being so hard on ourselves. Why not try out a paint night and have fun with it. Who cares if it's a stellar painting you can hang in a gallery. The idea is to enjoy it as an activity and soak up the light heartedness of the process. Our classes are affordable enough that you can toss the canvas if you really don't like it. Try again another day if you really need the wall art. 

Written by Nick LeGuern, Orange County artist/instructor:

September 19, 2018

Had a Fun evening with these folks at Chapter One restaurant and Bar, in Santa Ana last evening.

The blond girl, Courtney, very intuitive artist I thought, had the giggles encouraged by the chardonnay ( I think she was laughing at her boyfriends painting, not in a malicious way ) this became infectious, and everyone else got the giggles. At this point the boyfriend, who was also laughing, looked at me and said "are you laughing at my painting?"
No, No I just have the giggles I said, I had to step out of the room and regain my composure.
 He was a really good sport.....I encouraged his girlfriend to help him with the flowers.  What a fun evening, everyone , did a good painting I thought.

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